Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There is something amazing about traveling and stepping out of your comfort zone. You get to see places and meet new people and then your perspective in life general changes, and your thinking is challenged. You are suddenly faced with having to identify which puzzle fits where because suddenly you start seeing things in the bigger picture. This is happening to me every single day since I've stepped on the plane to the United States. It has to do with leaving my own comfortable country and my own Library and allowing myself to see the larger part of the puzzle.

I am enjoying my travels, there is a lot to take in, I take in a lot each day and at the end of the week I sit and I try to make sense of things. I am hoping in the end things will start making sense. Right now it is better to just report the facts as they are. It has been great writing the weekly reports so far because they somehow help you keep things on track and let you to stay on the path and help to keep one focused.

I have settled very well at Yale, I feel very much part of the staff, it feels like a dream sometimes but it is all coming together now. I am now familiar with the majority of different buildings and different Libraries on campus without getting lost, and I can identify a number of staff members. All my weekends are fully booked, my days are busy and my evenings are full, its all great fun. I look forward to see everyone in San Fransisco this weekend, I just can't wait, three weeks has been a long time without seeing each other but thank God for Skype, cellphones etc we can never really be too far from each other.

I miss you all!


At March 29, 2012 at 6:47 PM , Blogger Shorba Harkhu said...

I feel the same


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